David Heide Design Studio



Over 20 years of award-winning work …
has established our expertise in a range of projects, from new houses to remodeling of all kinds. Our knowledge of old houses has led to projects in historic neighborhoods across the country. This diversity, combined with comprehensive project management, makes for a great client experience.

What sets you apart from the competition?
We believe deeply in the Studio environment. Our clients benefit from a collaborative approach; from the start our architects and interior designers work together to yield an integrated, cohesive whole.

Describe your typical client:
We couldn’t. We’re a good fit for those interested in creating intentional spaces that cater to their lifestyle, personality, and perception of home. Each site, house, and client is unique and deserves a custom response. We help clients understand and define what they hope to accomplish in order to create a series of solutions that respond to and expand on these objectives.

How do we make an old house function for life today?
We have worked on over 300 houses nationwide and have built a reputation on respecting the heritage of historic houses while accommodating the necessities of modern life. Our favorite compliment is hearing that we took the worst part of a client’s house and made it their favorite.




“The Studio, known for their thoughtful attention to detail and ability to truly listen and understand what matters most, inspired us to trust them even when their vision periodically departed from our own. We are inexpressibly amazed and in love with the result.” — homeowner


David Heide Design Studio
Minneapolis • 612-337-5060

Top photo: Susan Gilmore
Bottom photo: Andrew Blaisdell


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