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About us:
We have been in business for 35 years and are proud to have received national awards for everything from contemporary to traditional styles. We are skilled at retaining the character of older historical homes while incorporating modern amenities, along with drastically changing floor plans to ramblers and two stories. We have built new custom homes in the metro area, Brainerd Lakes area, and as far away as Hawaii. The M|A|Peterson difference is, we won’t just remodel/build a home the easy way, we will remodel/build a home the ideal way. Our architect, designers, interior designers, carpenters, landscapers, and project managers are under one room, for an efficient and collaborative approach. We know that your home is not only one of your biggest financial investments, it is also the place that you live out your story.

Industry trends:
There are two dominant trends we’re seeing now. The first is that more homeowners want tech elements such as docking stations, instant hot water, solar panels, and intelligent thermostats built into their homes. We’re also seeing a trend towards smaller spaces, with every square inch maximized through clever storage solutions and multi-use spaces.

The best ROI:
Kitchens and bath remodels will likely pay for themselves at resale. For some homeowners, though, it’s not just about a return on investment, it’s about a return on enjoyment. We hope to give our clients both. Depending on the scope of work and the neighborhood or area, we carefully consider every aspect. We’ve discouraged projects because they simply didn’t make sense. In the end, the homeowners were pleased with our honesty and integrity.

Changing how you live:
It’s deeply gratifying when homeowners tell us that they live differently after we’ve done a project for them. One customer told us this summer that her house used to “just be a house” to her and her family, and since the remodel it “feels like home.”



M|A|Peterson Design Build
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Top photo: Susan Gilmore
Middle photo: Tim Mahoney
Bottom photo: Susan Gilmore




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