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We are very proud to say M|A|Peterson has been a leading remodeler/designer/builder since 1979. Over the past 35 years, we have designed and built projects from small to large. Our experienced, talented, and creative team delivers a great home and experience every time.

A misconception in the industry:

We feel that the biggest misconception is that all builders are qualified to do the same level of work. This simply isn’t true. Talent, experience, creativity, and a proven track record matters. There’s a reason some designers/builders offer lower prices, often resulting in significant differences in the scope of craftsmanship, timeliness, warranty, and risk. A homeowner needs to do their research and ask the designer/builder important questions before going forward.

A testimonial:

Dick and Leslie Parran hired M|A|Peterson to do two major home remodeling projects. “They were an absolute joy to work with,” they said. The communication was spot-on, the team listened closely, yet challenged the homeowners just enough to broaden their horizons, paid attention to detail, and were dedicated to the pursuit of perfection. M|A|Peterson won’t be the cheapest, Dick and Leslie said, “but once you experience the grandeur of their finished product, you will never regret your investment.”


M|A|Peterson Designbuild, Inc.
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