J.J. Orion

J.J. Orion

About us:

JJ Vanderson and Orion Home Systems have joined forces as J.J. Orion to provide homeowners with home automation, home theater, audio/video, lighting control, cameras, and digital age wiring services.

Industry trends:

A very robust network is crucial. Everything in today’s smart home is connected to the Internet. This allows streaming of audio/video and remote access of your home’s systems. Lighting control, temperature control, and motorized shades are becoming more cost-friendly and easier to integrate, and LED lighting systems are leading the way in the lighting market, replacing traditional lighting technologies.

What, in your opinion, is a must-have feature for homeowners today?

Getting everything into one manageable dashboard is important. With the Elan g! System you can do just that. It allows the customer to get started with the system and later expand it to other areas like thermostat control, door lock control, cameras, etc.

Our mission:

There’s a reputation in our industry for installing systems that aren’t exactly user-friendly. At J.J. Orion, our mission is “easy is better.” We practice that every day.

Planning for the future:

We adapt to changing technology through training, training, and more training. We spend countless hours researching new products and innovative ideas so we’re prepared for whatever the future brings.

J.J. OrionJ.J. Orion

J.J. Orion
Edina & Blaine • 651-641-1376

Top photo Courtesy of Denali Homes  Middle photo Courtesy of Classic Home Design  Bottom photo Courtesy of JJ Vanderson


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