Bruce Kading Interior Design


The Bruce Kading difference:
Whether designing a contemporary or traditional home, our work has a timeless quality and strong design aesthetic. We also take pride in keeping an open and ongoing dialogue with our clients, allowing us to best design their space as a personal reflection of who they are and how they live. This ability to communicate is amplified when we work—from the ground up—with an architect and builder.

A favorite project:
One of my favorite projects has been designing this baronial hunting lodge (pictured). Even though the lodge is only a few years old, it feels like you stepped back in time. It’s elegant yet comfortable and inviting, with overstuffed upholstery that

looks like it’s been passed down through generations—giving it a sense of history. In a similar vein, I recently started a restoration of an 1855 brownstone in New York City that we intend to bring back to its 19th century grandeur.

Giving back:
Interior design has offered so much to me, not only with awards and recognition, but also by providing me with a satisfying career filled with wonderful clients who are now lifelong friends. After working for 40+ years, I decided it was time to give back to my profession. I’m presently serving as president of the Minnesota Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID). Through this leadership/mentoring role, I feel as though I’m gaining even more than I’m giving. It’s very rewarding.

Bruce Kading Interior Design:
Minneapolis • 612-886-3960


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