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Martha O’Hara Interiors designs and furnishes hundreds of homes across the United States every year. Each residential project may take a homeowner or builder from blueprints to finishing touches. We offer functionality, style and value, and we believe that good business and great design go hand in hand.

The value of good design:

Interior design lends much more to a project than pretty window treatments or stunning powder bath wallpaper. Truly great design has the ability to impact and actually improve the way people live in their environments.

The Materials Make It:

According to senior designer Rebecca Van’t Hull, the textures, surfaces, and materials set the underlying tone for a room. “From warm woods, to glossy marbles or tiles, to thick wool carpets or grass cloth wallpaper: these are the things you build on to make a successfully designed room. Ultimately you can’t fill an outdated or poorly dressed room with lovely furnishings and expect it to wow you. The materials might not be the focal point in the end, but I think they make the biggest impact since they act as the canvas,
the foundation.”

Trust the process:

When you hire an interior designer, “trust the process and the professionals,” says Darsi Floersch, Allied ASID, senior designer at Martha O’Hara Interiors. “Not many people are comfortable relinquishing such a large amount of control when it comes to their home and how it looks and feels. At the end of the day, at Martha O’Hara Interiors we listen to the client, what is most important to them, and how they want to live. We’ve dissected all of their magazine tear-outs and online home profiles. We have, in short, gotten inside their heads. Questioning a designer’s choice is part of the process, but when a client trusts the team they are working with, the collaborative process is so much more rewarding.”    


Martha O’Hara Interiors
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Top two photos: Corey Gaffer  Bottom photo: Thomas Kuoh


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