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We have 35 years of experience in creating thoughtful, well-crafted custom homes tailored to each client’s individual needs, budget, and site. Our work runs the spectrum from new homes to renovations to retreat homes, comprising a wide range of styles and scales. We don’t advocate for any one particular style, but rather let the architecture grow out of the unique wishes of each client, embracing the functions and qualities they are looking for. This leads to the creation of a home that has a sense of integrity and authenticity, as well as lasting resonance. Though each client’s wishes are indeed unique, there are certain important qualities that we do hear our clients speak to time and again: the character and flow of spaces, the connection between indoors and out, and the importance of letting daylight flow deeply into the home. It is our thoughtful response to these, as well as each one of our clients’ personal priorities and preferences, that become the recognizable thread in our work.

Our edge:

Though we are perhaps best known for our locally and nationally recognized design work and careful attention to detail, it is often the qualities that don’t show up in photos that our clients come to value most about our work. From site analysis and conceptual design, through budgeting, full technical documentation, bidding assistance, and construction observation, our professional process and thorough technical documents and follow-through allow for a more well-planned project, better design and more accurate, competitive bidding. Our unique combination of firm size, longevity, and a team-based studio culture allow us to provide a depth and breadth of service and expertise not offered by many firms.


TEA2 Architects

Top photo courtesy of TEA2 Architects
Bottom photo by Susan Gilmore Photography