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Our philosophy: Inspiration Gallery
No shortcuts. Ever. From discussing early concepts to unveiling the final masterpiece, Hagstrom Builder values trusted, collaborative relationships with clients and contractors. We aim to get it right the first time, and that’s been our principle for 50 years. Whether a client wants a new build or an innovative remodel, we listen thoughtfully and craft each step effectively. This approach translates into excellent results, down to the smallest detail.

We take great pride in …
building homes that tell your story. We believe
that your walls speak, so we want them to uniquely represent your dreams and values. Whether it’s the graceful play of wood, glass and stone or the breathtaking nuances of the ceilings, our architecturally-designed homes resound with each family’s personality. Knowing that memories will be made and relationships strengthened in those rooms, every finish and detail echo our artful commitment to building something truly special.

Giving back to the community:
Positively impacting families in our community was the cornerstone upon which Hagstrom Builder was founded. Through the “Share the 2x4s” initiative, in partnership with Urban Homeworks, we donate our time and financial resources to provide dignified housing to low-income families. We ask our employees, subcontractors, friends, and families to get involved so faith can meet function, and houses can become homes.


Hagstrom Builder
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Photos: Corey Gaffer