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About Us:

In business since 1997, Amsum & Ash is a high design, natural stone distribution company owned by one of the world’s largest stone processors offering stunning, innovative products not available elsewhere.

Our Philosophy:

To responsibly source the world’s fi nest natural stone products.

Our Edge: 

Natural stone is unique in that no two blocks are exactly the same, and it’s extremely versatile and sustainable. We stock over 150 colors in nine different types of stone (granite, marble, soapstone, onyx, etc.). To help navigate the selection process, we have trained interior designers on staff, as well as a geologist and tile specialist. Often, we suggest that clients come and browse our showroom. Sometimes the stone finds them.

A Memorable Request: 

We once were asked by a client to source a block of onyx that could be used to carve a canoe.

Beauty and Elegance: 

Natural stone products provide beauty and elegance to any project, from skyscrapers to mudrooms. Our job is to travel the world to find the very best product to fit design or build needs.

Amsum & Ash
Minneapolis • 763-571-8400

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