Add Personality to Your Space with Wallpaper

Q&A with Kathy Basil, color stylist, manager, Hirshfield’s Design Resource Center

Q. How would you describe what you do at Hirshfield’s?
A. I work closely with the design trade and with the public for paint consultations.
Q. As a Hirshfield’s color stylist, how can you help someone who might not know where to begin?
A. I’ve probably done a couple thousand paint color consultations. By the time we're finished with the consultation, people are excited (and very relieved). We can visit you in your home and get an overview of your spaces, your lifestyle, and the personality you want to convey, then come up with a paint strategy. Our goals are to enhance your home's decor, create a beautiful space, and develop a room-by-room color plan.
Q. What services do you offer at the design resource showroom?
A. We're essentially a one-stop-shop for designers looking for interior furnishings—furniture, rugs, lighting, area rugs, fabric and wallcoverings.
A. Do you have a personal favorite current trend? 
A. I love any room that feels “collected,” not like it all came from one place.
Q. When it comes to design, what do you consider to be timeless?
A. A fabulous hand-knotted rug.
Q. What do you think of the white cabinetry trend?
A. If it fits the house, I love it.
Q. What do you think of people painting their ceilings?
A. I think ceilings too often are forgotten. Paint and wallpaper are both great looks!
Q. What do you think of people painting their trim?
A. Another great look … when done right!
Q. What are some common questions you receive?
A. A lot of people want to know if wallcoverings are back. The answer is yes, and the selection is better than ever.
Q. Why, in your opinion, is wallpaper making a comeback?
A. I think, after all the wallpaper from the '80s was stripped away, houses just felt a little boring.
Q. Do you sell a lot of wallpaper? 
A. We sell A LOT of wallpaper. Large-scale florals and geometric designs are popular. We also sell tons of grasscloth!

When it comes to wallpaper and wallcoverings, you’ll find everything from contemporary to traditional designs, in a wide array of colors, textures, sheens, patterns, and murals, at Hirshfield’s. Easy-on, easy-off removable wallpaper is available from several manufacturers. For more information, visit 

Hirshfield’s is a proud sponsor of Midwest Home’s Life in Bold Color Contest.

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