HomeBook 2014: Hagstrom Builder



More than just a tagline—No shortcuts. Ever.
Our tagline is a value that Hagstrom Builder has built upon for over 50 years. It’s a succinct and simple way to communicate to our customers publicly that working with Hagstrom Builder means their new build or remodel will be done right the first time.

Who sets the bar for style, quality, and durability?
The projects that tend to have the most innovative and creative options on the table happen when the client and builder collaborate with an architect and designer to bring the client’s vision and dreams to reality. When all four parties meet regularly to discuss ideas or new technology, they are drawing from experiences and research to make decisions together. These projects always rise to the top!

Making an impact:
Each Thursday morning, the staff gathers to go over project details, schedules, and budgets. While details are important, we believe that building a home is much more—it’s about impacting families within the Hagstrom Builder community. Each staff member shares an example of a family who has been positively impacted through our efforts. Impacting families is the heartbeat of Hagstrom Builder as we work alongside clients, subcontractors, and vendors. When you know a family will be raised in that home, or a couple will enjoy their retirement years there, it brings the details to life in a way in which we can all relate—seeing that house as a home—allowing us to produce a superior product with a deep and long-lasting impact.



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