HomeBook 2015: Talla Skogmo Interior Design


Our goals:

At Talla Skogmo Interior Design, we see the big picture through the smallest detailed lens, creating interiors designed to live as beautifully as they look. Our perfectly executed spaces balance light, architecture, furnishings, and function.

Scale and proportion:

It is critical to pay attention to the scale and volume of a room and use appropriately sized furniture. If the furniture is too large or too small in proportion to the space, the room most likely won’t feel “right.” Every aspect of your space contributes to an overall sense of unity.

Expert advice:

My design mentor, Tom Gunkelman, stressed the importance of listening—and really hearing—clients. What are their goals? What do they like and dislike? How do they live? In any project, listening is the single most important detail.

Planning is key:

Interior design is a custom field. Planning ahead is essential. We pull the palette in advance of the completion date, so we’re prepared for out-of-stock items, back orders, or made-to-order conditions. Designing a quality space takes careful planning and time.   


Talla Skogmo Interior Design
Edina • 952-746-2007

Interiors: Brian Droege,  headshot: Becca Sabot




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