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An elegant bathroom in a home built by Custom One Homes shows a bathtub set in marble with large silver fixtures set next to windows.

Our background:

Since 1983, Custom One Homes has been helping clients express their personal style by designing and building distinctive homes around their unique stories. Positive and lasting customer relationships are a result of communication, honesty, and trust.

Our edge:

What sets Custom One Homes apart is simple, we aren’t afraid to take on a challenge. Our staff is passionate about solving design issues for our clients. From the initial conception to any hiccups along the way, we shoulder the stresses of building a home, shielding you and your investment.

“Our favorite moments would have to be when clients’ children grow up and return to build homes with us.”

— Todd Polifka, president

Our process:

After a client purchases a homesite, we establish a price range (the majority of Custom One Homes range from $700,000 to $2.5 million), then match them with an architect that fits their style. We begin by creating conceptual plans to visualize the finished product. Early in the process, professional interior designers along with our customer relations staff, provide personal attention to help make home selections. Throughout construction, two project managers work with our trade partners. Custom One Homes conducts 42 internal inspections, examining 347 distinctive elements of each home—over and above what's required in our industry. In addition, the company president personally tours each job site weekly. Prior to closing, owners tour their home with a project manager to
learn about special features and ensure everything meets their satisfaction. Additionally, our in-house service and warranty department is always a phone call away. The team at Custom One Homes works to provide a convenient, streamlined process.

Eco-friendly homes:

We work with a private, third-party energy testing company to ensure each home is Green Path certified.

Custom One Homes
Cottage Grove • 651-459-1972

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