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A home built by Sala Architects features two main buildings connected by a hallway. Outside is plenty of green landscaping and trees. The house's interior is lit up against a dusk sky.

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Now in our 34th year, SALA Architects has the experience and diversity of architectural design talent to match your vision and expectations. Our philosophy goes beyond mere stylistic patterns, and is rooted in a deep understanding of how to build spaces that nurture the soul. In collaboration with clients, we seek to answer the fundamental architectural questions of how we respond to our place in the world, how we create dwellings that are warm and comforting, and how we support the activities of life.

“Good architecture is our passion and our business, but we also believe that good architecture is essential to the health and success of our communities. We are proud of the positive impact our projects have in our clients’ lives, and in promoting the broader good.”

— SALA Architects

Working in Minnesota and beyond:

Sala Architects' philosophy of exploring the specific nature of a project locale leads to solutions that are uniquely tailored to each project’s landscape, climate, and context. Because of this approach, we have successfully collaborated on projects in places as varied as Florida, Montana, New Hampshire, and Washington, and are often  able to obtain licensure in other states when needed.

Sustainable design:

Sustainability is at the core of our philosophy: buildings that are both beautiful and functional will be loved, lived in, will be sustained, and will sustain us. To do this, Sala Architects looks at a client’s needs and perform a holistic review of opportunities to advance and improve energy efficiency, such as using low-impact materials and—when feasible—incorporating solar panels and geothermal heating. We also utilize time-tested approaches in our design, such as orienting a home thoughtfully on its site to maximize natural sunlight and to promote cooling through cross-ventilation.

SALA Architects
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Header and barn photo:
 Troy Thies Photography
Cliff home photo: Courtesy of SALA Architects

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