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A living room inside a home built and designed by TEA2 Architects. A chandelier hangs from the ceiling. Three couches are flanked by end tables with lamps, and on the far wall are book shelves, a painting and fireplace.

Our background:

TEA2 Architects is a second-generation firm and of one of the oldest, most experienced residential firms in Minnesota. Since our start in 1979, our focus has been on the creation of custom homes that are closely tailored to our clients and the neighborhood, as well as seamless renovations and additions. Our project managers, associates and principal have one, two, or even three decades of experience.

Our edge:

TEA2 Architects excels at creating a better process for the client. Our thorough    process provides the most organized, predictable, and enjoyable path for our clients. It’s also the best way to get true apples-to-apples competitive pricing and the lowest fair market price. We’ve created homes for clients throughout the state, as well as in Wisconsin, Arizona, Alabama, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina, New York, Ohio and British Columbia.

Our design philosophy:

We don’t have a specific “style.” Instead, the team at TEA2 Architects translates our clients’ specific hopes and dreams into fresh, imaginative and timeless homes, drawing inspiration from historical and modern sources, and reinterpreting them for modern living. In the end, homeowners tell us their home feels like an expression of who they are and appreciate the depth and nuance revealed in the design of their home that continues over the years.

TEA2 Architects
Minneapolis • 612-929-2800

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Header photo:
 Corey Gaffer
Gallery photo: Bill Timmerman

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