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A kitchen built and designed by Vujovich Design Build, Inc. shows a sleek design with all white cabinetry and stainless steel appliances. Stainless steel stools line the center island, and unique poof-ball lights hang down from the ceiling.

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We’ve been designing and remodeling Twin Cities’ homes since 1977, and designing and building custom new homes since 1986. This year marks our 40th anniversary. Our team of 17 has a combined 350+ years of experience.

Our philosophy:

We believe in creating high quality, award-winning projects that showcase creativity, craftsmanship, and customer service, altering our clients’ lifestyle. We’re not selling a single project or product. At Vujovich, we’re creating long-term relationships with our clients. As one of the longest-standing design build firms in the Twin Cities, clients can be assured that we’ll meet their needs well into the future.

“This is not a “get in, get paid, get out” proposition. We want our clients to be blown away by the quality, surprised by the value, and bragging to their friends about how it was all completed on time, as promised.”

— Ed Roskowinski, owner, Vujovich Design Build, Inc.

The Vujovich advantage:

A Vujovich remodeled or new home is a balance of practicality, quality, and beauty. We believe that the square footage of a home shouldn’t overpower the quality of the home’s design and construction. A large home with lackluster design is just that—a large home with lackluster design. We focus on functional design and quality materials, as well as maximizing return on investment.

Keys to success:

A successful firm’s business philosophy must focus on a high level of integrity, and being energized, diverse, and most of all, trustworthy. They must be an advocate for the client’s investment, getting as much value for the client’s dollar as
they would their own.

Vujovich Design Build, Inc.
Minneapolis • 612-338-2020

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Kitchen photo:
 Corey Gaffer Photography
Dining room photo: Courtesy Vujovich Design Build

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